Created by one pandemic, an artificial intelligence and an artist.


A 2021 interactive collaborative installation created by one pandemic, an artificial intelligence an artist and 50 brave and wonderful middle school animation students from Melbourne's South (Elwood College)

There May Be A Bird delivers meaningful meaninglessness to the forefront of its reason for existing, celebrating absurdity through examination of the self.

Within one installation augmented reality, artificial intelligence and abstract art come together to form an absorbing narrative which reflects a collective state of being in surprising and engaging modes of delivery.

Embracing the experiencing of organic patterns and stories emerging from unrelated sources, whilst blurring the lines between the real and the artificial - There May Be A Bird and, there may not be a bird. 

It is recommended that you download the ARTIVIVE app to your smart phone or device before visiting the gallery for maximum artwork exposure and Augmented Reality experience. The App is free, simple to use and does not require personal details to access.

To purchase the augmented reality artwork please navigate to our COLLECTIONS

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