Some 30 young people were asked to write on a post-it-note, their secret messages to the world summed up in one or two sentences.


And place them anonymously in a closed box.

Upon collecting their words it was discovered one note contained the enigmatic message "There May Be A Bird"

There May Be A Bird: We Tell The World displays the words they wrote through Augmented Reality in an attempt to mirror the strange and surreal reality our youth are inheriting.


They range from jovial absurdity through to meaningful messages plucked from a private place within.


This written aspect of the wider project captures a snapshot of the internal landscape these young people inhabit, one year on from the beginning of the Pandemic. They were formed by uncontrollable forces and internalised within our up and coming young adults.

A celebration of meaningful meaninglessness and creation of abstract art through examination of the self.

Their secret messages to the world can be unlocked by downloading the Artivive app to your mobile phone or tablet and holding your device up to view the framed artwork through the in-app camera. The secret messages will appear as a short animated Augmented Reality experience as you are enveloped in the AI narration of the wider project over the sound system.

Artivive is supported by both iOS and Android, free to download and requires to provision of personal details to access.

You will be able to purchase the framed original artwork exhibited in the installation which contains the animated Augmented Reality secret messages.

Please navigate to our COLLECTIONS to purchase your framed artwork, there are 33 unique pieces in total and range in price from $150-$350 each.

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